SSL Issue affecting a few selected and Domains

  • Monday, 6th September, 2021
  • 01:01am

Good day

We are still experiencing an SSL challenge affecting only Zimbabwean Domains. Our SSL service providers have untimely dropped support for all, domains without proper notice and this has resulted in a Privacy Error on the said domains. We are in the process of doing a seamless server hot swap to mitigate the challenges.

If you are still facing errors in accessing your website and emails please let us know via ticket support or Call/Whatsapp: +263782962493. The exercise should be completed by end of day today Monday 06 September 2021.

All Clients running on other domain name extensions have no reason to worry as this error has not affected other domains name extensions


We sincerely Apologise for the inconvenience caused! We are working flat out to rectify this as soon as possible.

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